with barryIt is always a pleasure to attend the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s annual forum, and I was fortunate to meet some great folks there.  One is Barry Lyons, a pharmacist from Saskatchewan.  Here you see him and me at the bookstore, holding one of our favorite books!

It was even nicer to receive this note from Barry today:

“We met briefly at the IHI conference in December, and I just came across your business card today, and remembered that I had said that I would share my presentation about leadership in pharmacy, using my experience as a baseball coach, modeled on your book.

“Here is the link to the presentation:  http://prezi.com/xrfibhsge5pd/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

“I hope that you find it of some interest.”

Check it out.  I think he does a really fine job with the topic.