I often get personal comments from readers of Goal Play!  Here’s one that warmed my heart:

Dear Mr. Levy,

You probably don’t remember me but I am with Carilion Clinic.  You came to our organization discussing the principles from your book “Goal Play”.  I was one of the three folks who visited with you in the small conference room prior to the presentation.  I sent you a picture of our soccer team and brought my mentor soccer coach to the presentation. 

I have continued to supply all of the leaders on my team with your book since you came to Carilion.  It continues to be impactful and meaningful to them.

My email today is one of thanks.  Since your visit, I have continued to coach soccer- transitioning from REC, Academy, and now travel.  Both of my daughters play on U11 (9yo and 11yo).  We were at a travel tournament in Williamsburg, VA this weekend.  In the semi-finals, the other team was taking a corner and the ball sailed into the box.  My oldest daughter, Lauren, R defensive back, was at the goal, jumped up-ball hitting her side, and took an unlucky deflection into our goal.  She was crushed, holding back tears that began to flow as play returned, which she played through.  I immediately thought of your chapter and story of Tovah.  Lauren was sub’d out about 10 minutes later.  She sat down next to me on the bench, head down, I said your words.  “Lauren, you are a great defender, you have to be in the box and go after the ball, once in a while the ball will deflect the wrong way.  You defended well.”  Her head came up, she smiled, and she said “Put me back in.” 

While your book has a significant impact on JUST culture and organizations pursuing “The Goal”, it had an great impact on my daughter this weekend and for time to come.

I sent this along to Tovah, who is now  30 years old.  She replied:

“That’s so nice – thank you!  Happy to hear I could be helpful!”