It’s been a busy week, with appearances on both coasts.

mitsdmMonday started off with a webinar offered by the MIT Systems Design and Management folks.  About 200 people joined in from around the world to hear a talk based on Goal Play!, entitled “Leadership for learning organizations.”  You can watch and listen here.

CCRMCThen, it was off to the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center to address the leadership group (above).  This is a public “safety-net” hospital serving Contra Costa County in California.  CEO Anna Roth has done a spectacular job leading the organization through a transformational change to improve quality and safety, transparency, and patient involvement.  You can see one of the examples here.

spurslogoFinally, last night, I had a chance to meet with the MIT SPURS Fellows and the Harvard Loeb fellows, wonderful people from around the world, to discuss the leadership lessons from Goal Play!