I have to admit that I had some worry about Goal Play!‘s acceptance in the United Kingdom.  After all, the subtitle is “Leadership Lessons from the Soccer Field.”  I thought I would raise dismay and might have to publish an edition entitled, “Leadership Lessons from the Football Pitch”!

But the UK readers are a forgiving lot, and the book is getting a nice response there as well.  Here are two recent reviews on Amazon.co.uk.  First, one by ERMD:

This is a truly fascinating read as well as rewarding and stimulating leadership educational material. The author has worked in a range of public institutions and made them work, one after another, through practical, clear people-centred means. The book focuses on his work at a major teaching hospital and the case studies he relates are gripping reading, particularly in the current climate of speculation in America about what constitutes public healthcare. There is plenty of first hand testimony from staff at the hospital which is clearly contextualised by the author and explained in terms of the general management and leadership lessons that can be learned from it.

Why Goal Play? Because the author structures the book around lessons he has learned coaching a junior football team. The clarity such a role requires, and the consistency were qualities he took into his business life with great success. A unique management manual, easily read and understood, if only they were all like this.

And then one by InFair, who even was so gracious as to continue in the use of the word “soccer”:

Paul Levy’s vast experience in a number of different types of organisation simply oozes off the pages of this book. It is very easy to read and everything is backed up with personal anecdotes and notes from colleagues which help to further illuminate the points made. The analogies drawn from coaching a soccer team are appropriate and interesting, but he does not try to stretch them too far. The book is relevant and accessible for all levels of experience. An easy read which is both stimulating and inspirational. Coaching a soccer team may be more closely related to running a hospital than you think!

Thank you!