I was pleased to join a group of folks at Nypro Healthcare in Clinton, MA, today to discuss the stories and lessons from Goal Play!  Nypro is an excellent and respected company in its field, fabricating a variety of medical devices and supplies.  You see me here with company CEO Boris Levin.

As I have done from time to time, I today donated several dozen copies of the book for sale to the staff members in attendance.  All of the cash proceeds will be sent to Massachusetts Youth Soccer, to support the organization’s GOALS program.  As MYS reports:

The GOALS program has been developed to provide a rewarding athletic and life experience to inner-city children throughout Massachusetts. Not only do our GOALS kids learn about the game of soccer, but they also have a tremendous opportunity to learn valuable life lessons they will carry with them long after they leave the soccer field. They develop lasting friendships, learn leadership skills, teamwork, trust, self-confidence and a sense of commitment all while playing in a fun and competitive environment.

Our GOALS Program is also designed to provide our young players with role models to serve as positive and motivating influences in their lives. Massachusetts Youth Soccer hires and trains college students, many of whom are studying to become teachers or counselors, to coach our players. Our GOALS Program has been widely successful in teaching and motivating our young players life skills and presenting positive role models in their lives.

The people at Nypro responded well to my request that they buy the book to support this great program, even if they didn’t like my talk!  I told them it was a worthwhile cause, and the books were snapped up with alacrity and good humor.