Clarion Healthcare is an excellent Boston-based firm that helps clients in the life sciences industry to develop growth strategies and build organizational capabilities that generate lasting value.  I was so pleased, therefore, when I was invited to a lunch session today to present stories and leadership concepts from Goal Play!

It was a special treat, too, to run into my soccer buddy Dan Hawkins at the firm.  Dan and I have known each other for years–coaching side-by-side with our respective youth teams, playing matches with each other, and me refereeing his games.  In fact, for years, we were solely engaged in soccer matters together, and he never knew about my professional life, nor I his.  Imagine my surprise upon learning that he is the CEO of Clarion.  He seems to do that job pretty well, too, based on the reputation of the firm–proving again that if you can effectively coach youth soccer, you can be a successful business leader.