Each year a group of executives from a variety of industries attend a short summer session course entitled “From Technology to Innovation: Putting Ideas to Work.”  Organized by Sanford Weiner, it is group taught by him, Harvey Sapolsky (Professor of Public Policy and Organization in MIT’s Department of Political Science), Lee McKnight (Kauffman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and an Associate Professor in the iSchool (The School of Information Studies), Syracuse University), Michael Schrage (co-director of the MIT Media Lab’s E-Markets Initiative), John Shook (CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute), and me.

This year’s group of students was particularly diverse and interesting.  It included people from Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Finland, Taiwan, Kenya, South Korea, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Germany, and the US.  They represented a large variety of industries, as well.

As I was in Israel at the time, I gave my presentation via Skype, drawing off the lessons of Goal Play!  All attendees also received a copy of the book.  I offered to autograph the book at some future time if and when I see the students in person–and I made a particular offer to do so if the person from Brazil would invite me there during the 2014 World Cup!