Many thanks to Brookline Booksmith at 279 Harvard Street for inviting me to present stories from Goal Play! on Tuesday, June 26 at 7pm.  If you live in the neighborhood, please come by.

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite, here’s the latest review posted on Amazon:

Scientists in Sweden have recently released a study showing that elite soccer players, who have always been know to have what is called “game intelligence,” actually rate very highly on “executive functions” scales. Having high executive functioning means you are creative, can see new solutions to problems, and can quickly change up what isn’t working.

Paul Levy’s book “Goal Play!” illustrates how important those traits are for leaders as well. And, even more importantly, shows us how to bring those traits out in everyone, from young soccer players to employees and colleagues.

Mr. Levy’s book is well graced with anecdotes that take his ideas from the theoretical realm to the practical. By using his experience as the CEO of a hospital, as the head of several government agencies, as a teacher and as a soccer coach, he illustrates his points and drives home the importance of trust, respect and empathy for any leader in any field.

Within a few days of reading Goal Play!, I had repeated a dozen of the author’s stories to as many people. I’m sure I can’t help but be a better boss, parent and friend after reading it. No matter what field you’re in, you’ll find plenty to inspire you. I just wish it was on the required reading list of every CEO, every manager, every student in business school, and every coach.