Harvey Schachter, book reviewer for The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest circulation national newspaper and second largest daily newspaper, has published a review of Goal Play!  You can read the whole thing here.

Some excerpts:

Each chapter of this new book begins with a dollop from his days as a soccer coach and then moves to the workplace, with examples of how to be a better manager.

Mr. Levy argues that we are born to work and play together in teams, which means there are vivid similarities between the job of a coach and that of a corporate leader: “Soccer is a metaphor for creative collaboration in a team, and coaching soccer can likewise be a metaphor for effective leadership.”

Goal Play! [is] wide-ranging, and covers the field in the same way a good soccer team does – briskly, with intelligence and skill. Mr. Levy has lots of stories to tell from his management experiences and from his wide knowledge of organizations. In an engaging style, he passes along some useful lessons that we, like his teenage player, may well remember many years from now.